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Varying Prices.

Amazing how the prices of food stuffs and drink vary from shop to shop.

I love the individual pots of porridge, the ones where you just add boiling water to, they are handy to take to work with me. I love them for a snack at home sometimes too. Having just spent the last few weeks buying them as 3 for 1 in Farmfoods, it is now killing to me to pay 1 each for the same item in the bigger supermarkets! Also in Farmfoods, I have been paying 29p- 35p for bottles of Ribena and Lucozade which are anything from 99p to 2 up depending on where you buy them. Both my porridge pots and drinks have now disappeared off Farmfoods shelves and if I want to continue buying them I have to pay the much higher prices elsewhere. So annoying!
I swear these companies flood the cheaper shops with their wares for a short time to get wanting them, then make huge profits as you buy them in the bigger stores. I mean, 1 for a small pot of porridge! Mental!
Or am I just a meanie?

Oh I agree..some of the food prices these days are beyond funny.....I always try to buy local stuff to help local farmers...........can be a bit expensive I guess but I would rather pay them than the fat cat supermarkets......... Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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