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Wayne Rooney: Manchester United's forward's 70m deal

Wayne Rooney's new contract. Up to 300,000 a week. 1,785 every hour and just under 30 every minute.

The deal will earn the 28-year-old Manchester United striker more than 70m over the next five-and-a-half years.

His weekly wage is more than president of the United States Barack Obama earns in a year, but boxer Floyd Mayweather's earnings knockout Rooney's.

I don't think Wayne Rooney is worth that amount of money.  He is overated and looks far from fit and is certainly not the best player in the Premier!

Non of them are worth their wages in my opinion.

I've long ago given up worrying over the crazy wages Sportsmen demand nowadays Alice. I just let them get on with it, its mostly sponors money and transfer profits etc anyway, cos no way does Match day entrance fees or Fans Kits money etc go anywhere near to paying these wages.. so they can carry on with their madness as they please it wont worry me in the slightest

They should all have their legs broken! Mad Forum Index -> Sports News and Views
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