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What a Whopper

If this house was built before the 1850s then its an example of the damming statement against the window Tax.... Look  at the size of those 'infillls
No wonder smaller ones were later installed

Imagine trying to get Nets to fit those rascals ladies   Laughing


Shocked  Fliping heck, 2 big 'uns like that? Shame they were filled in. But so glad I didn't have to clean them.
Any idea what Street/Road?

I don't think the house is that old,probably victorian/edwardian,and improbable that they were ever windows,but if they were,pretty unusual!!

I'll have to check back for the name of the street Barbie, It would be really interesting to find out the age of the propoerty as the Window tax was in force in various forms right up until 1850, which, of course was the Victorian era.

It reminds me of some of the houses on Anfield Road, though I'm not sure if they had steps like that leading up to the front door.

Barbie I have checked back and its Alfred Place junction with Leonora St .L8  late 1960s

Ah yes, old Tocky! Built with style, unlike the shoe boxes of today. Forum Index -> Photographs
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