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Why washing machines are no longer built to last

Remember that old washing machine you bought back in the 1980s? The one that seemed to go on for ever?

And then there was the one you bought only a couple of years back, which seemed to give up the ghost more quickly than an ultra-fast spin cycle.

They don't build them like they used to.

Even the industry admits that the lifespan of white goods has fallen. But then so too have prices.

So how long should a fridge or a freezer last, and is it worth spending a bit more on a better model?

I guess white goods are not built to last cos they want us to buy them at regular intervals.  Many break down and are cheaper to buy than repair.

I think Laptops can be added to that list too Alice. When I was on the hunt for a new Laptop last year ,it was a struggle to find any supplier willing to give any more than 12 months warranty on their products. The reason being that they are built down to a cost and are not expected to last anything more than 3 years before something Fries inside of them.
Anyone reading this would be well advised to regularly back up their data onto two external hardrives.. Why two , you may ask ? The answer to that is that external hardives themselves have a high failure rate over time and hence , they themselves should be backed up !!!!..
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