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William Huskisson Statue

Just wondered why,and how this statue ended up in Pimlico?

Here it is outside the customs house(complete with air-raid shelter)to the left of same.

...and here in splendid isolation!

So how did this particular statue,end up here.(I think there were 3 of them,originally)

Errr....I think this actually explains it! Rolling Eyes

Good info Mojo. Ta for posting it.

Good Pics & Info MOJO

Another pic' of the Huskisson statue outside the customs house! They had scallies even then,it seems! Laughing


Guttersnipes then, scallies today.  Very Happy

Good Pic of the Huskison Statue . I reckon those kids are probably as mischievious as any of their age when playing about, but I doubt they are 'Scallies ' though. They look very well dressed , Clean and well nourished and a far cry from the usual' Urchin' type often depicted around the streets in bygone times. They look as if they may well be from some type of Institution and are around the Statue at the request of The Photographer , who may well have been their Schoolmaster / Guardian etc.

The fella at the back looking on looks Dodgy though   Wink

Lovely pics........... Forum Index -> Liverpool and Merseyside History & Nostalgia
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