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william the conquerer and his land grants

many History Teachers have told me you Will know Nothing about Land Grants
William the Conquerer after the Hastings Battle 1066. His High Officers in Williams Army were given Land to Farm in Payment for there Services and the Two Most Respect Generals were Brothers Named Dunford,and William gave these Two Brothers all of Lancashire and Yorkshire this is in the Dooms Day Book.Which William Set up.
Now by Historians over the Years they Worked in Different Parliaments and were Respected and Made Counts Barons Earls and Higher Office.Now they stayed in Lancashire and Yorkshire for 575 Years Owning the Land. from the House of Normandy ,House of Plantagent.,House of Lancaster.House of York.House of Tudor.House of Stuart,You can still see how they were Respected by what you Can still see Dunford Castle .Dunford River by River Avon.Dunford Villages. Dunford Roads. Named after them.then in 1641 Oliver Cromwell under the House of Stuart. Charles the First. Gave the Dunford Family even More Land to Farm this Time in Ireland.Now do you know any Family Trees i can look at.And have you any more Information you can Add .Only now i find Ireland County Wexford and County Waterford are Tracing the Dunford Family in Ireland they have come to 1700 .As you will see my Name is Dunford and in England they Believe i am a Decsendant from the Two Brothers,

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