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Why cider vinegar can be a good medicine


At the first sign of a sore throat reach for the cider vinegar as it has the power to kill germs and viruses.

Try putting two tablespoons in a cup or glass and fill it with cold water. Use it to gargle three or four times a day and before bed and you shouldn’t suffer for very long.

Add clear honey if you prefer a sweeter taste.

For young children who might struggle to gargle take a piece of lint folded to fit around the front of the child’s neck and plunge it into a third of a pint of warm water to which two tablespoons of cider vinegar have been added.

Squeeze it out and apply to the throat. The cider vinegar draws out the toxins.

Also good for arthritis which I have in my knee..I take a  glass of this every morning...with water and honey added and I hardly get any pain these days Forum Index -> Chit Chat
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